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the funeral home. what police say the two teens in car were doing before impac edging closer to the fiscal cliff. in less tha funeral services interrupted when a car careens into the funeral home. what the teens in the car were doing before impact. >> edging closer to the fiscal cliff. less that 24 hours, millions could lose unemployment benefits and nearly everyone's taxes can go up. nobody expected a massive rescue when one man, could not sweupb, fell into the ice into frigid water. how six people ended up being pulled from that water. good evening. an out of control car goes into a funeral home. it was at the scene where the crash disrupted a funeral in progress. >> 5 feet that car came from us. >> reporter: a close call for
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a group of funeral attendees. a car crashed into the service. >> five seconds after i entered the side room we heard what we thought was a earthquake and turned around and saw the car goes through the front of the building -- go through the front of the building. >> reporter: the speed limit along the road is 40 miles an hour. the teenage driver was going over that. possibly racing the other car. >> during the course of the speed contest there my have been a lane change that may of led to it. >> reporter: it happens the service was for a freelance photographer who died from cancer. he want by the name radar and worked with a newspaper hathat covered that crash. -- newspaper that covered that crash. >> mike was the first on the scene. >> ironic. i know my brother would have been the first one there if he was still alive. horrible holiday tragedy in
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west san jose. three people died, including a child in a fire. it broke out just after 11:00 last night inside of a two- story townhouse on bridgeport court. a couple and their 4-year-old granddaughter were trapped on the upper floor. firefighters arrived in minutes but the entire building was engulfed in flames. san jose police officer tried to help the family but it was too late. >> this fire, somehow, got a really with big hit start on us. it burned hot, it burned really fast. consumed most of the apartment, even within a 3-minute response time for us. >> neighbors say the couple had lived in a complex for about 20 years. a family phepl ber staying in a nearby apartment grabbed a nearly empty fire extinguisher. it was useless against the plane. three people including a police officer was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. new tonight, a manhunt is
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underway in oakland for a teen gunman who shot and killed a 15- year-old girl. shots rang out just after 3:30 this afternoon on 66th avenue. that is just a few blocks away from the oakland coliseum. a 14-year-old boy was wounded. investigators are looking for a motive for the killing. that now makes 135 homicides in oakland this year. a 21% increase from 2011. the tally is 67, one third increase. san jose's 45 is still low but it is higher than 2011. not all cities are seeing an increase. richmonday richmond is no longer on the most dangerous -- richmond is no longer on the most dangerous list. it is a drop, 45%. it is the lowest number people have seen since 2001. big credit can be given to the
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police department extra officers, they went from 40 to 190 officers in recent years. well, a developing story tonight. secretary of state hilary rodham clinton is in a new york hospital being treated for a blood clot. doctors say the clot is a result of a concussion that she suffered several weeks ago when she fainted and she hit her head while battling a stomach virus. it forced her to delay the testimony about the attack in libya. she steps down next month. the most traveled secretary of state in history. she has visited 112 countries while on the job. the clock is ticking. in less than 24 hours everyone's taxes will go up unless congress hammers out the deal. lawmakers went home route an agreement of negotiations, randall? >> reporter: went home but they will be back tomorrow, we
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hope. one half of a trillion dollars. that is the tax increases on new year's day unless a deal can be reached. now, they have been coming closer but so far not enough to come up with an agreement. >> members of congress met meetings today on capitol hill without a deal. hours before the nation is set to fall off the fiscal cliff. >> there are are still significant differences between the two sides, tpheg orbiations continue. if respects and temaccurates can not strike a deal before midnight monday taxes will go up for almost every american. automatic spending cuts will kick in and millions will lose unemployment benefits. >> i want everyone to know i am willing to get had this done. i need a dance partner. republicans introduced a proposal by slowing the growth of social security. senators say there is movement as both sides try to compromise about which americans should start paying a higher tax rate. >> this is a lot of give and
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take going on right now. but republicans don't want to see new revenues, in other words democrat tax increases being used for new spending. >> in an unusual move republicans here on capitol hill called on the nation's number 2 democrat, biden, to help with the negotiations, this has at white house places a lot of the blame on the g.o.p. >> they say their biggest prierity is making sure we deal with the deficit but the way we are behaving their only priority is making sure that tax breaks are protected. >> reporter: if a deal is not reached the president wants the democratic-controlled senate to introduce legislation to keep tax cuts for $250,000 a year and keep unemployment benefits. now, the focus is is on the senate. -- focus is on the senate. if by a miracle they reach an agreement there is no certainty that it will be passed by the
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house. with each passing hour optimism is phasing. reporting live in washington. back to you, ann. >> i think a lot of us have been thinking really there was going to be a last-minute deal. sort of a play unfolding. that is too optimistic now? people are thinking it may not happen? >> reporter: well, you know, it is going to take a lot to come up with an agreement. i mean just look at how long they have been talking about it and it has not been done. now we are a day away before the clock strikes 12? and the automatic cuts take effect. so, yes, optimism is fading, people who on sunday morning thought there mighting a deal tonight are saying they don't think so. the cliff is ahead. >> all right, randall, in washington, thank you. all right. it was not all gridlock in washington though. both parties agreed on a bill that will keep milk prices from
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doubling next month. agreeing on a 1-year extension on the farm deal. without it we could of paid $7 a gallon for milk. you can keep tabs on the fiscal cliff talks. 24/7 by logging on our web site. well it started out as a winter day of fun in the snow and ice. then the unthinkable happened. cbs reporter carter evans on the rescue that prevented tragedy. >> reporter: a rare christmas experience in the mountains above los angeles. fresh snow and ice for people who rarely see it. despite warning signs. >> look at that crack. is that a crack? >> few seemed concerned until -- >> oh! [screaming] >> we saw his arms going. someone said he can not swim. then it turned into panic. >> reporter: michelle and mickey were there with a camera. at first, all they could do was watch in horror as a man, who rushed to help -- oh.
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>> fell through the ice. then, another. six would-be rescuers in all were now in the icy waters. >> it was hard to watch. it was. we saw that guy go under three times and the third time we did not think he was coming back up. >> call 911. right now. >> the victims, clammerred for intertubed to stay afloat. from the shore, onlookers including the hermans tried toes to a lifeline. after several failed a tempts, everyone made it to safety. the man who fell first had been in the water for nearly 10 minutes. >> we were just really thankful when they got out. it was christmas day. we were thinking of this man being in, you know, in the cold water and may die here. >> reporter: they shed their own clothes to help the victim. a heartwarming end to a cold- hard lesson on thin ice [screaming] >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. you heard the saying all good things must come to an
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end? why a weekend parking perk many drivers look forward to is going by the waist side. >> getting ready for the year's biggest night. getting ready to make sure things go off w without a hitch in time square. it is going to get cold over night tonight. we can see frost, especially in our interior valleys. how cold is it going to get? check the new year's eve forecast, all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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farewell to a parking perk san francisco. cbs 5 reporter patrick sedillo on dr etful of as we prepare to say good- bye to 2012 we are saying a farewell to a parking perk in san francisco. drivers will need a pocket full of change, even on sundays. >> reporter: beginning next sunday, the free ride or should i say free parking is over. >> i don't see why they need to do it now. they are are getting you friday and saturday and now sunday, what are they going to do next, 24 hours a day? >> reporter: possibly. noria says it will effect her church, she knows why. >> it is the money. the city needs money. not just with the parking meter on sunday. >> reporter: the law will net the city an extra $2 million a year. >> i am a long time resident of the city of san francisco and i
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do not approve of what the board of supervisors have done. >> reporter: in the marina where parking is like a competitive sport. the law is not getting support, either. >> hurts the small businessman. a lot of people come here for the restaurants and the stores on the weekend, a lot of them will not come. >> reporter: and they see it as something that has been in the works for a long time. >> it is them not planning well and thinking ahead and not being able to be decisive when it counted. kicking the can down there. kick the can down the street. >> now we have to pay. >> exactly. >> the law goes into effect from noon until 6:00. if you feed the meter, that that is still illegal. reporting from san francisco, cbs 5. local transit agencies are offering free rides for people celebrating new year's eve tomorrow night. for the fireworks in san francisco, cal help train has free rides at 11:00 p.m. with laterrer is vice only for
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southbound trains. muni will offer free rides from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. for part years in san skwraoes and silicone valley, all bus and light rail is free between 7 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. -- san san jose and silicone valley. all bus and light rail is free between 7 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. tomorrow, celebration for the celebration in times square. they tested a piece of the party, the confetti. the annual airworthiness test. it passed. all of the confetti is made by hand. what kind of weather can we expect this week? we have the forecast. >> all about the cold temperatures in the overnight hours for the next few days. check out what we are expecting tonight. 29 is the inland valleys. so, areas are going to dip below freezing. we are expecting widespread frost. especially in the eastbound
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interior valleys, going to get chilly in the north bay as well. clear skies, light winds. we are watching it this area of high pressure. so, it brought us all sunshine, blue skies today. cold by this afternoon as well. so, any low continuing to move farther south. so, we are tracking any potential rain in our forecast with the future cast. it looks like by monday afternoon into the evening things start to get a little unsettled in seeing a lot of clouds. new year's eve night, a sprinkle or two. we are keeping a chance, slight chance. but, for the most part that is looking like mainly in the coastal region. clear and cold. continuing that way through new year's day and into wednesday. we will see plenty of sun is shine by new year's day. your overnight lows tonight. check this out. santa rose a29, at freezing. napa, fairfield, liver -- santa rosa 29, at freezing in napa.
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fairfield, in the low 50s. a few upper 40s out this as well. the temperatures are slightly cold for the end of december. jacket weather out there. if you are doing any traveling around northern california for the most part, staying dry. tahoe, a great day to head up and hit the slopes. no chain requirements on interstate 80 or highway 50. yosemite, cloudy skies there, plenty of sunshine. monday, a chance of showers is possible into the afternoon and evening. tuesday, we clear out, we see plenty of sunshine for the first day of the new year. then, by wednesday. things look a little unsettled. we could see a chance of rain wednesday afternoon into thursday morning. mainly north of the golden gate. friday into saturday looks okay. but then saturday into sunday we could get hit with another little bit of wet weather into sunday morning. so, getting a quick check of
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the new year's eve forecast. planning on viewing the fireworks in san francisco. we are expecting good viewing conditions, midnight, though, it will get cold, 45 degrees. ann, back to you. elizabeth, thank you. a close call for drivers on a moscow freeway. the amazing pictures as a passenger jet crashes into the freeway overpass. problems in his own country and around the world but tonight, venezuela president is in a fight for his life. coming up on "game day" we will will have the 49ers and raiders stuff. we have is a football star in studio. quarterback of san jose state. david i will play skwrop, you are in my trailer. give me a count, make me jump. [ laughter ] >> okay. green, green, green, green! go, red, 28, red 28. hut, hut, hut, green, go! [ laughter ] i'm sold, are you? "game day" coming up. don't move ,,,,
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interstate in oregon this morning -- killing nine peo it happened in the eastern near the city of a tour bus slid off of an icy interstate it this morning killing nine people in the eastern part of the state of oregon. the bus crashed through a guardrail and went down an embankment a few hundred feet. it was so steep rescue worker his to use ropes to reach survivors. dramatic video caught a plane crashing. a camera on the freeway shows the impact. debris went across the road striking cars.
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it happened as the plane slammed into the ground short of therunway, five crewmembers killed. no passengers on board. venezuela president, chavez, an outspoken critic of the united states, suffered complications following his cancer surgery in cuba. his vice president describes the situation as delicate. no other details were given about the complications that resulted from a respiratory infection. in a speech in 2006 he referred to president bush as the devil. still to come. a rare special event. one of the most important documents in american history goes on display. when and where you can see it. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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miz" couldn't knock "the ho" off its box office perch. the fantasy epic was number for a third week in a row. "the hobbit: an unexpected journey" took in almost 33 million dollars. tarantino's "django unchained" opened ia strong second place, with ny the "the hobbit" could not be taken off of the top list. "unchained" opened in 2nd place. les miserables was in 3rd
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place. secissity software maker macafee expects it to expand. the company is concerned about so-called ransom -- mcafee expects it toebgs pand. the company is concerned about cocalled ransomware. the hacking of digital wallets. back back ,,,,,,
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s ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the document aimed at freei slaves-- was signed by abram lincoln 150 years ago this .
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it went into effect january, finally tonight, a rare look at the document aimed at freeing slaves was signed by abraham lincoln 150 years ago this week. it went into effect january 1st, 1863. it will go on display at the national archives in washington, d.c. new year's day. in michigan last year people waited up to 8 hours to see it. >> when you see thousands of people waiting in line in the dark, in the cold, or the heat you know that they are not this just for words on paper. >> the document is double sided so only part of what is shown is authentic. pages 2 and 5 are ridge nalses, 3 and 4 are replicas. "game day" is next. good -- originals, 3 and 4 are replicas. "game day" is next ,,
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